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Using Carved Moldings on Furniture, Cabinets, & Walls

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to add carved details when you're refinishing a piece of furniture ?Or found something beautiful that's got a missing or broken molding, and think, "How do I fix that?" It's easier than you think!

Below Jill used an Efex Latex Molding on the center of this Vintage Desk to accent the hardware.

If you're refinishing a piece of furniture, and it's too plain or has some minor damage, adding a molding is an easy option. Efex Flexible Moldings are simple, cost effective, and can be painted or stained to match whatever you want.

They’re made of flexible Latex that stick to any surface (wood, plaster, metal, glass, and terracotta) using Weldwood Contact Cement. You can stretch them, bend them around corners, and they come in a huge variety of sizes.