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Refinished & Painted Furniture Ideas from Vintage Finders Warehouse

painted & refinished furniture ideas

Looking for painted furniture ideas? Need some interior color inspiration?

Ready to refinish your furniture?

If you're looking for ideas on how to paint furniture, browse some of my latest custom furniture projects for a little inspiration. Need advice? Have questions about products? Want to learn how to do it yourself?

My name is Diane, owner of Vintage Finders Warehouse. I'm a local small business in Venice, Florida. I'm also an Elite Dixie Belle Paint retailer that loves to refinish furniture! Feel free to message me or stop by!

Coastal Colors for Painting Furniture

 Cool coastal blues can update your old furniture & breathe life into your decor. Here's some of my most popular colors for custom furniture at my shop.

coastal blue color ideas for painted furniture

Colorful Painted Furniture is part of life at the beach.

Idea for painting a Mid Century Modern Dresser

Dixie Belle's Chalk Mineral Paint in Savannah Mist

You can find all of the products listed above at my shop. Or view them on my website by clicking each product below:

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Beachy & Brightly Painted Furniture Ideas

Beachy & brightly painted furniture color inspiration

Top Left: Painted with Dixie Belle's Silk Paint in the color "Harbor". Silk Paint has a built-in topcoat, so doing a color wash with Chalk Mineral Paint is a breeze. Simply brush on a thin layer of chalk paint and wipe off with a damp rag to leave a hint of color on the details.

Top Right: I did a blend of Rebel Yell-ow & Kudzu Chalk Paint with Aussie Decor Transfers on this custom painted Martha Washington Cabinet.

Bottom Left: This is my new favorite shade of blue that I mixed up using 3 different colors. You can darken it by adding more Caviar (black). (Color Recipe is on the image)

Bottom Right: My favorite shade of green for a dresser? This pretty pale green paint is a mix I made up using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. (Color Recipe is on the image)

Distressed White Painted Furniture is so versatile!

distressed white painted furniture

To tone down this bright white paint, I mixed in a creamy off-white shade. To get the distressed look, I first sanded off the old finish to expose the woodgrain. Then applied 2 thin layers of paint, waiting 24 hours between coats. I used my Surfprep Sander with a 220 Grit sanding pad to do the distressing.

You can find all of the products listed above at my shop. Or view them on my website by clicking each product below:

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint:

Modern Coastal Makeover

Painting over factory finish furniture

For this display cabinet, I used Dixie Belle's Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint over a factory finish. I always use a primer before painting, especially over modern glossy finishes.

Silk paint has a built-in water-resistant topcoat, so doing a color wash is super easy if you don't want to use wax. To tone down the color, I did a color wash with Chalk Mineral Paint in the color Caviar (Black).

Want to see how I did it? Check out my Social Media pages for my how-to videos.

green painted furniture inspiration

This luscious shade of green is called Everglades

dark navy blue painted furniture

Deep Sea is beautiful dark blue with a low-sheen water-resistant finish.

Perfect for high traffic areas!

You can find these along with the entire line of Silk Paint in my shop. View them on my website by clicking on each product here:

Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in the colors:

Grungy, Textured & Distressed Painted Furniture

textured and distressed furniture ideas

These dressers were all painted with Dixie Belle's Terra Clay Paint. It's a water-activated paint that's great for creating a textured, layered & distressed finish on furniture.

No primer is needed, but I like to use a basecoat of Chalk or Silk Paint underneath. Then if you wipe it back with water to distress, your base color will peek through.

It's a non-toxic artist's paint too! My good friend & resident artist, Simply Made Unique by Jill, added an underwater scene to those Ocean-themed dressers with Terra.

You can find Terra Clay Paint in my shop & on my website here: Terra Clay Paint

Refinished Wood Furniture

how to get a bleached wood look on furniture.

You don't always need to paint your furniture to give it an update. It can be as simple as changing the color of your finish. Maybe you just want to stain the top?

Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain is a non-toxic water-based stain that is so easy to use! No stinky chemicals.

Au Naturel is the perfect color stain to tone down the orange in your wood. Or layer for more coverage to get a bleached wood look on your furniture. Applied too much? Simply wipe it back with a damp rag.

How to Stain Wood Furniture without actually using Stain?

Want to bring out the natural beauty of your woodgrain?

how to refinish antique wood furniture without using stain

When I refinish antique dressers, I want to enhance the natural beauty of the woodgrain. If the old finish has scratches or marks but is in otherwise good condition, I use Wise Owl Furniture Salve.

In other cases, I like to use my Surfprep Sander to remove the old finish. Then instead of using stain, I apply 1 or 2 coats of Wise Owl Furniture Salve and let sit overnight.

Then I use a 220 grit sanding pad to smooth it out. This method nourishes the wood, making it incredibly smooth and lustrous.

Questions? Comments? Want to have your furniture painted? Feel free to message or stop by my shop.

To find more ideas & how-to videos for painting furniture or refinishing wood, be sure to check out my social media pages here:

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