• Please Note:  Not all are kept in stock. Please let us know and we can drop ship what is not here. 
  • Bows have adorned walls and ceilings for centuries. With over 10 styles to choose from our bows are one of our most popular categories. Mix with drops or swags for a lovely look. Our bendable onlays work on just about anything you can think of.

  • Bendable, durable and easy to use!
  • Lightweight for quick and easy instillation
  • Ready for paint and faux finish , Stain 
  • Modeled after original historical patterns and designs,
  • Made In The USA


B 1 – Wreath Bow with French Ribbons  $10.00 each  Height 6.0″ Width 2.7"


B4 – French Ribbon   $7.00  Height 1.5" each  Width 6.2″


B7 – Wreath with French Ribbons   $10.00 each  Height 5.2″  Width 5.5″


B8 – Small Bow   $7.00 each  Height 1.7″Width 3.5″


B12 – Ribbon Bow   $7.00  each  Height 4.0″Width 3.5″


B14 – Ribbed Bow  $9.00 each  Height 2.3″Width 6.4″ 


B15 – French Bow  $9.00 each   Height 2.0″Width 8.5″


B19 – Drop Bow   $7.00  each  Height 2.0″Width 3.0″


B21 – Leaf Wreath Bow   $9.00 each  Height 4.0″Width 4.3″



(9 Styles) Carved Bows Flexible Molding- Ceiling/Wall-Efex USA-Carved Wood Look

  • Each Molding comes with instruction. These are bendable, plyable and stretch. Please see the efex website for Photos and tips.

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