SILK All In One Mineral Paint is here, and like the name suggests, its SILKY. It's formulated with a Built-In Primer & Top Coat for a flat, low-reflective finish that stays looking fresh. 


Easy to clean, touches up well, and hides minor surface imperfections like a champ. You really can't mess it up, and it's a miracle for high use areas like cabinets and drawers.


We carry all 20 of these chic Hamptons-inspired colors. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We love to talk about paint!


  • UV, GREASE and MILDEW Resistant
  • Non-toxic, ZERO VOCS
  • Washable, EASY TO CLEAN
  • NO PREP REQUIRED. Just clean with White Lighting Cleaner!
  • Apply with a DRY BRUSH
  • Low-reflective finish
  • 21 DAY CURE TIME (Cooler Temps or higher humidity may prolong drying time)
  • Do not thin silk unless using a sprayer
  • Store between 50-90F
  • 72 square feet coverage per 16 oz container


Stains that do happen can easily be removed once the paint has fully cured in approximately 21-30 days.


All surfaces should be properly prepared and cleaned. Clean with White Lightning, rinse and allow to dry.

HAMPTON OLIVE -SILK ALL IN ONE Mineral Paint- DIXIE BELLE- Water/Stain Resistant