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About: Vintage Finders Warehouse

We've been traveling the country for years collecting antiques, furniture, vintage signs, posters, telephones, and textiles. That lead to our addiction to salvaged wood, antique doors, windows and stained glass. What started as a hobby has grown into a passion for salvaging, restoring, refinishing, and up cycling.

Do you need a Solid Wood Antique Vanity with plenty of drawers for your bathroom remodel? We can refinish, paint and seal using Mineral based Non-toxic paint by Dixie Belle. We carry vintage hardware and antique molding for all the little details as well.

When it comes to interior design, a statement piece can really set off a theme. Maybe you've been wanting a 1920's desk for your office, a 1950's canister set for your Mid-Century Modern kitchen. Level up your Man Cave with some Vintage Metal Gas and Oil Signs or Steampunk Art made of up-cycled metal. Add a touch of Boho Hippie Chic to your living room with a 1970's Lamp.

To find this sort of variety has taken many miles, so that we can offer you endless possibilities.

We can do a total kitchen or bathroom cabinet or furniture makeover using Mineral based Non-Toxic Dixie Belle Paint. Schedule a consultation, and we can give you an estimate. If you want to learn how to DIY (Do It Yourself) we offer private classes and sell all of the supplies.

We are the Castellano's and we love to talk shop!

At Vintage Finders Warehouse, we think that most everything can be salvaged, restored, painted, and given new life. If the paint is peeling off from years of wear and tear, well that's beautiful too.

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