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How I Stripped Paint & Varnish Off Wood & Veneer in MINUTES using GREEN-EZ from Wise Owl

Updated: Mar 18

I just finished painting this Mid Century Credenza, and want to show you how the makeover went step by step, starting with a painted piece of furniture.

It was covered in thick latex paint, and I wasn't even planning on refurbishing it. In the past, stripping paint off furniture meant using harsh chemicals, hours of sanding, trying not to damage veneer, wearing a mask and gloves...and too much time.

As you can see, the outside was rough, but it's a well-made piece.

Stripping paint or varnish off furniture is something I swore I’d never do again. Until a month ago, when Wise Owl sent me this Soy Based Stripper & Cleaner called GreenEZ.

Click the picture below for all the details and how to order it from our website.

Since suffering a chemical burn a few years back, harsh chemicals in products will have me at the doctor's office.

That's why I use plant & mineral based products 100% of the time, and why I'm so excited about this stripper. It's opened the door to more projects, starting with this classic Vintage Credenza.